The Golden Larnax

 Vergina is a small town in Macedonia located 13km Southeast of Veria, and about 80km

Southwest of Thessaloniki. The town is believed to be in the position of ancient Aigai, the capital of Ancient Macedonia, and became world famous in 1977 when the University Excavation of Aristotle University, under the archeology professor Manolis Andronikos and his colleagues discovered the burial places of the Macedonian kings and among other tombs and a funerary monument, according to the argument of Andronikos, was king Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

Archaeological monument in Vergina
The Vergina Sun

 The discovery of these findings is considered by many to be certified and the site of the ancient city of Aigai, the first capital of the Macedonian kingdom. Here are the Palace, the ancient theater and the Royal Tombs. The tomb of Philip the unique value of the findings (golden urn, urn, wreaths, shield etc.),

which are global radiation data. The space of the Royal Tombs with awnings, is particularly impressive for the visitor.

Ancient Pella

 The city of Ancient Pella was founded by Archelaus I (413-399 B.C), to become the new capital of the Macedonian state instead of Aigai (Vergina). Pella remained the capital until the dissolution of the Macedonian state by the Romans, who pillaged and took the treasures in Rome. The earliest reference we have of Pella is from Herodotus, when describing the Persian campaign and by Thoucidides in the description of the Macedonian expansion and war against Sitalkes, King of the Thracians. According to Xenophon, at the beginning of the 4th century B.C. It was the largest city in Macedonia. The city attracted famous artists of the era, such as the painter Zeuxis, the poet Timotheos from Militos and Euripides, who died there writing the tragedy Archelaos. Here you can see the largest palace of Macedonia, where Alexander the Great was born, grew up and educated.

6 Hour  Excursion

  08:00 Departure from Thessaloniki.

  09: 00 Arrival at Vergina, visit the archaeological sites and the  museum.

  10: 00 Departure from Vergina.

  11:00 Arrival at Ancient Pella, Vist the archaeological sites and the museum.

  13:15 Departure from Pella.

  14:00 Arrival in Thessaloniki.

Cost: Premium Taxi (

1-4) 220 € / Minivan (

5-8) 270 €