At a distance of 13 km from Aridea, the capital of the Municipality of Almopia, and 100 km from

Thessaloniki, in a beautiful location of ​​72 acres area, there are Loutra Loutraki or Loutra Pozar of Almopia, as they are well known. It is a place rich in vegetation, natural harmony and many unique beauties. This particular landscape combines the uniqueness and grandeur of a natural miracle: a ravine has been created on a magnificent, rocky mountain and within it flows the river Thermopotamos, forming small waterfalls and shallow beds on the banks.

Waterfalls In Pozar Baths
The Pozar Baths

Thermopotamos is created from springs that gush at an altitude of 360-390 meters and are created by the rain water that penetrates the ground, reaching deep depth, and after heating it rises high, enriched with metals and other beneficial ingredients.

The waterfalls , the swimming pool with thermal water sprawling from the shores of the earth, the ancient Baths of Pozar are indeed a miracle of nature. For the convenience of the guests, there are also individual baths, indoor group pools and an open Olympic dimension swimming pool in a specially designed plateau alongside the river.

Paths Surrounded with Nature

The intense natural relief prevails, in the area where human interventions have been carried out in the light of the few possible changes in sculpture of the landscape. Walks, mountaineering and other sports activities are allowed thanks to the bridges and paths that have been shaped and follow the topography of the ground. Some of them end up in the caves, that surround the Spa and constitute the first cave park in Greece. The park consists of a cluster of 17 caves and the paleontological findings found inside them, are proofs of the occupation of the area since the Neolithic Age.

8 Hour Excursion

  08:00 Departure from Thessaloniki

  09:30 Stopover at the city of Edessa and it's magnificent waterfalls

  10:30 Arrival at Pozar Baths. Lesuire for activities

  13:00 Departure from Pozar and stop in the picturesque village of Orma for lunch

  14:00 Departure from Pozar Baths

  15:30 Arrival at Thessaloniki

Cost: Premium Τaxi (

 1-4) 240 € / Minivan (

 5-8) 280 €