Dion was an ancient city of strategic importance and one of the most famous Macedonian states.

The geographical position of ancient Dion is placed on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus, where the eponymous town is today. Dion became civilizing center in the years of progressive king Archelaus of Macedonia, who chose the city because of its connection with the worship of the Muses and Jupiter. The ruins of the city are situated approximately 4 km from the sea.

Archaeological site at Dion

  Here you can see the impressive House of Dionysus, the mosaics, the public baths,

(large baths), which date back to 200 AD, the Conservatory and various temples, the most important of those of Demeter and Isis and the Hellenistic theater (built by Philip V) and piece of the stage where athletic competitions held (Olympia).

Archaeological site at Dion

 In Dion is operating, since 1983, an archaeological museum,  where exposed all the findings of Dion and the rest of Pieria (ancient Pydna, etc.)

  Litochoro is a mountain village (alt. 300m., 6697 inhab.) of Pieria. Located in the southern part of the county, on the eastern edges of Olympus, and is 100km. far from Thessaloniki. It is the classical starting point for those who want to start climbing Mount Olympus, residence of the ancient"gods" and conquer the top. Here at the beginning of each summer concludes the Alpine Marathon Olympus. Every year thousands of nature lovers visiting Mount Olympus, to admire the charm of nature and enjoy browsing the slopes. Organized mountain refuges with various mountaineering and climbing routes are available to visitors who want to explore its beauty.The twelve gods lived at Olympus, according to the ancient Greeks, and a bit lower, the nine muses, the protectors of fine arts. 

Since 1938 a large area has been turned into a nature reserve and the UNESCO refers to it as a reserve of the biosphere. In the south, the beautiful Tempi-valley can be seen or the beautiful beaches of the Olympic coast simply enjoyed. 


7 Hour Excursion

   08:00 Departure from Thessaloniki

   09:00 Arrival at Dion

   11:00 Departure from Dion

   11:15 Arrival at Litochoro (coffee stop)

   Tour at the foot of Olympus

   13:30 Departure from Litochoro

   15:00 Arrival in Thessaloniki

Cost: Premium Taxi (

1-4) 220 € / Minivan (

5-8) 270 €