Chalkidiki is the region of Macedonia that geographically constitutes the ending of Central

Macedonia in Aegean sea which penetrates deeply into it, forming three oblong peninsulas that give the area its characteristic shape, and name  "feet of Halkidiki".

Vourvourou Beach Chalkidiki

Each tour includes a tour in each of the three peninsulas separately, starting from the cave of Petralona, or Cave of the Red Stones.

Here, Aris Poulianos, discovered traces of the oldest European hominid ever found, about 700,000 years, the oldest European ancestors found so far.


Tha Vyzantine tower of Nea Fokea

  Kassandra is a piece of Halkidiki with golden sandy beaches and picturesque little gulfs. New Potidea, with the canal that connects the Thermaikos bay with this of Kassandra and it is certain that existed before the first century AD., New Fokea with the Byzantine tower, the cosmopolitan Kalithea and Pefkohori with hundreds of shops of local folklore art, and Agia Paraskevi with the known spas are some of the destinations that can be visited as part of our tour in the peninsula of Kassandra.


Kavourotrypes Beach Sithonia

  Sithonia is the so-called middle peninsula of the three of the county. The peninsula of Sithonia is characterized by scenic areas with high relief, package or secluded beaches and pine forests characterize the landscape.

  The peninsula surrounding of  the Siggitikos bay east and the Gulf Toroneos west. Among the many places of Sithonia is the ancient city, the castle and the church of Agios Athanasios in Toroni, the windmills in Sikia and the church 16th century in Nikiti. Porto Koufo (or Deaf Port) is the largest bay and the most natural safe haven in Greece.The biggest settlement, Neos Marmaras, is the main trading center in the region. In the heart of the peninsula is the area Kartalia, where are some of

the most famous beaches such as Azapiko, Tristinika, the Crow, the fennel, Kalamitsi, the Kriaritsi etc. On the other side we find the tourist Sarti, Vourvourou and Ormos Panagias, with the graphical port witch is located on the top of peninsula.

MOUNT ATHOS                                                         

Monastery of Saint Gregory Mount Athos

 It is a mountainous peninsula of Halkidiki, the eastern most of the three. Here we encounter Ierisso which is built on the site of ancient Acanthus, ancient Stagira, a city where the year 384 B.C. Aristotelis was born ,Nea Roda and Ouranoupolis wich is the last secular destination before the monastic state of Mount Athos.

KASSANDRA  8.5 Ηour Excursion

  08:00 Departure from Thessaloniki

  08:45 Arrival at Petralona

  09:45 Departure from Petralona

  10:10 Arrival at Poitidea , coffee stop

  11:00 Departure from Potidea

  11:15 Visit  Kallithea for swimming -shopping-lunch,


  11:15 Α short stop in Kallithea, visiting Hanioti or Pefkohori for shopping-lunch-swimming.

  15:00 Departure from Chalkidiki

  16:30 Arrival  in  Thessaloniki

Cost: Premium Taxi (

1-4) 220 € / Minivan (

5-8) 270 €

SITHONIA  8.5 Ηour Excursion

  08:00 Departure from Thessaloniki

  08:45 Arrival at Petralona

  09:45 Departure from Petralona

  10:10 Arrival at  ancient Olynthos

  10:30 Departure from Olynthos

  13:30 Tour at the beaches near Nikiti for swimming.Stop at Ormos Panagias for lunch.


  13:30 Stop for coffee-shopping in Nikiti or Marmaras, stop at Ormos Panagias for lunch.

  15: 00Departure  from Chalkidiki

  16:30 Arrival  in Thessaloniki

Cost: Premium Taxi (

1-4) 220 € / Minivan (

5-8) 270 €

PENINSULA OF ATHOS  8 Hour Excursion

  08: 00Departure  from Thessaloniki.

  09:15 Coffee  stop at Arnaia.

  10:00 Departure from Arnea.

  10:45 Arrival at ancient Stagira.

  11:00 Departure from Stagira.

  12:30 Arrival at Ouranoupolis after a few minutes stop over in Ierissos. Visit the tower of Ouranoupoli, stop for a bite to eat.

  13:30 Departure from Ouranoupolis.

  16:00 Arrival in Thessaloniki.

Cost: Premium Taxi (

1-4) 260 € / Minivan (5-8) 300 €