Choose your favorite excursion, and get to know Greece by visiting destinations of amazing beauty and historical importance.

Discover Meteora in Thessaly. A place where religion springs from

everywhere, welcomes you in a movie scene! Huge vertical cliffs, sculptures were made by prehistoric rivers and famous monasteries which are built on the

top of the rocks!

View of Kalampaka

Visit two of the most important

cities of ancient Macedonia. Travel

from the "old" capital of ancient Macedonia, Vergina, to the "new" one Pella,

where Alexander the Great was born, raised, and educated!

The Golden Larnaca
Kavala's Roman Aquaduct

Follow the path that Philip the II,

King of Macedonia, father of

Alexander the Great, walked in. Visit the monumental walls, and the ancient

theater of Philippi, as well as the archaeological museum of Amfipolis and



For eternity, the majestic and impressive mount Olympus rises above the picturesque

mountain village of Litochoro, a traditional town located on the slopes of Olympus, approximately 5 km. from the sea. Litochoro is the starting point for those who wish to climb Mount Olympus and visit the National Park.

Glarokavos Pefkochori

Chalkidiki is the region of Macedonia that geographically

constitutes the ending of Central Macedonia in Aegean

sea which penetrates deeply into it, forming three oblong peninsulas that give the area its characteristic shape, and name  "feet of Chalkidiki". Each tour

includes a tour in each of the three peninsulas separately.

The Pozar Baths in Loutraki Aridaia. A place for moments of absolute relaxation,

surrounded by a magnificent landscape, with natural harmony, and many unique beauties. Visit the most curative hot springs in Northern Greece, and

rejuvinate from their healing properties.

Pozar Baths, Loutraki Aridaia

Thessaloniki, also known as Salonika, is a historical city with a constant presence of more than 2300

years. Here, on these roads walked Roman Caesars and philosophers, Byzantine emperors and simple people of a different origin and history.

The White Tower