You can choose between the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Premium Taxi, Sedan and Station Wagon or the 7 and 8 seated Mercedes-Benz Minivams, depending on your transfering needs.

The Elegance Taxi provides high quality taxi services  from and to the SKG airport  of Thessaloniki, exclusively with Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Call us at  (+30) 6937421086 as well as at

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 Are the words that characterize the services we can offer you for your transportation from and to any destination, always with the best possible service for you.

 We can make a trip look like a small path, and a short journey like a travel!

   Travel with us from the Airport "Macedonia" of Thessaloniki, as well as from the Bus or the Train Station, to popular destinations such as Chalkidiki and Katerini and take advantage of the unique services we offer.

    We guarantee your on time pick-up and transfer to your destination in comfort, safety and luxury!

Kavala's Roman Aquaduct
The Golden Larnaca

Discover Meteora in Thessaly. A place where religion springs from everywhere, welcomes you in a movie scene! Huge vertical cliffs, sculptures were made by prehistoric rivers and famous monasteries which are built on the top of the rocks!

Follow the footsteps of Philip

the II, King of Macedonia,

father of Alexander the Great. Visit the monumental walls and the ancient theater of Philippi, as well as the archaeological

museum of Amphipolis and Philippi

Visit two of the most important cities of ancient Macedonia.

Travel from the "old" capital of ancient Macedonia, Vergina, to the "new" one Pella, where Alexander the Great was born, raised, and educated!